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Autism Therapy

Riding for Autism and Father's Rights

Just this weekend, CBCA went on their inagurial rides supporting both Autism Awareness and Biker's for Father's Rights. Check out our Past Events tab for all the details!


We'd like to introduce Alyssa as our newest memeber! She loves riding her bikes, she has three at the moment, but also enjoys working on them as well. She has been cited as a author on four published papers relating to the psychological damage created when children witness inter-parental violence. We are proud to have her as a part of CBCA.


Ray (Left Turn)

Sean (Hack)


Meet Ray (Left Turn) Trillet and Sean (Hack) Clark. These are the creators of CBCA and they have been working with children for much of their adult lives. Ray has worked as a house parent with an organization called Shelter Care out of Akron and as a youth church worker for many years. Meanwhile, for 12 years, Sean has been involved with kids on many levels from coaching to director of a football and cheerleading organization. He is currently the president of the Ohio Gridiron youth football association in Stow, OH. Driven by their shared passions of motorcycles and child advocacy, CBCA was born.  

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